Vinings, Smyrna, Mableton, Church

K-5th grade

Ink is a Sunday-morning environment for elementary-aged kids.

It includes an engaging large group gathering for worship and story-telling, alongside a more personal small group time with adult leaders who are thoroughly background checked.

In Ink, we believe that church doesn’t have to be boring, the music can be loud and fun and good leaders always care.

Vinings, Smyrna, Mableton, Church


Things are starting to get busy at this stage of life. Storyland includes jumping, singing, dancing, and laughter in every experience.

Preschoolers participate in many age-appropriate, creative activities throughout the morning. Each week includes a large group environment to learn more about God.

We believe in an active, hands-on approach with our kids; so be on the lookout for fun projects!

We look forward to helping your child learn more about a relationship God. To ensure your child receives the best care, we adhere to a one volunteer for every five children ratio.

Vinings, Smyrna, Mableton, Church


Leaving your new baby or toddler anywhere for the first time can be overwhelming.

We want to give your child loving care in a secure and healthy environment with age appropriate activities to keep them engaged while they are with us.

The Whimsy team has been chosen for the 0-2 year old age group because of their love of children and their training to care for all of the needs of this age group.