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Our Direction During this Quarantine

We cannot meet in groups larger than 10 for some time, so let’s use this opportunity to come out more connected and more generous. The building is closed through April, but the Church is not. We will hold VC Worship Gatherings through the TV in your living room, Small Groups through the Facebook Messenger Video Feature. Our aim is to be generous to people and families who are experiencing difficult times.

Home Worship

We will create powerful worship experiences at home by following these steps.


Our generosity will be loud in this time of loss.

Church Community

We will give to families within VC who are struggling, including having groceries delivered to people.

Community Support

We will give to families outside our direct community who have experienced lay-offs or pay-cuts, connecting our generosity to the name of Jesus.

Small Groups

Our small groups will meet virtually.


Be proactive. Reach out to the members of your small group using email, social media, texting, and the phone to check in on them and build community.

Live Video

Use live video to share community time with your small group.


We will continue to provide high quality worship options for children.