Our Mission

We exist to make a way for people far from God to discover a relationship with Jesus.

God is telling a story. You have a role to play. Every great man or woman of faith in Scripture had a calling, a role to play, in God’s Story to further his Kingdom.

Today, we find ourselves in a unique period of the history of God’s epic narrative. Each and every person is wired to use their gifting and passion within the church, the body of Christ, to grow his Kingdom. That’s your role in the Story of God.

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Belief Statements

The Bible

Genesis to Revelation is the Story of God and is infallible in all that it speaks to. It is alive today, and is actively speaking to each one of us about God’s will for our lives.

The Trinity

God is three persons in one essence. He has existed as three persons for all eternity and will remain so. These three persons exist in community made of the same essence, eternally one.

In the church age, the Son is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. And the Holy Spirit is the sent one living in all believers and giving power to the local church to advance the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ

Jesus has existed eternally and is divine. He chose to become man, and remains so eternally. He is both 100% God and 100% man, with no confusion.

He lived a sinless life, prophesied about since the beginning of time and was born of a virgin.

Christ’s Impact

Jesus’ death and resurrection three days later is what provides salvation to those who turn and believe.

The work of Christ brings free salvation and the assurance of resurrection in the future, accessed only by faith and not by human effort. This work brought the Grace of God.

Man Is Fallen

Man is made in the image of God. Since the first man, Adam, sin has corrupted the image of God inside every human being. This has left man without the ability to do good apart from pride.

He is not able to please God, apart from faith. However, in Jesus Christ, each person has tremendous potential because of the power of the Holy Spirit sitting inside them.

Eternal Security

A believer who has truly turned and believed Jesus as Lord and Savior is eternally forgiven. Jesus’ death pays the sin debt for a person’s sin condition.

Paying for this sin condition means past, present and future sins. This grace through Jesus provides more motivation to give lordship to Jesus in each area of our lives than the law ever could.

The Local Church

After Jesus’ ascension, his Church is the only hope of the world. Jesus works through the Holy Spirit and gifting of each believer to build his Church, whose mission is to expand the Kingdom of God until His return.

The Second Coming

Jesus will return and rid the world of all evil, sorrow, and death. He will come at an unknown and undisclosed time. He waits to return so that as many as possible can come to salvation in Jesus Christ, and record their names in the Book of life.

At the end of time Heaven and Earth will be recreated. All believers will be rewarded for how they advanced His Kingdom with their time, talent and treasure to determine their experience of eternity with God.

Core Values

Unconditional Love

When you realize you are unconditionally loved through belief in the sacrifice of Jesus, you naturally join your heart to God’s first love: people.  Our strategy to live this out is pursuing relationship with and unconditionally accepting all people in the way Jesus was able to accept all.

Believing God

Actively believing God’s promises makes an experience with God inevitable, and the result is greater intimacy with God. Our strategy to live this out is prioritizing the Bible in every gathering and each attender actively believing God’s promises moment by moment.

Mission Focused

We allow our corporate mission and strategy to determine our individual place of involvement. Our strategy to live this out is serving on ministry teams and asking: where do you need me so we reach people far from God more effectively?

Unleashing Generosity

We finance and create generosity initiatives to invite the city of Atlanta to help the victimized and underprivileged. Our strategy to live this out is to mobilize business leaders to invite their customer base to serve.

Authentic Relationships

The spiritual trajectory of your inner circle of friends determines the quality of our lives. People connect best in relationships of similar interest in their same season of life. Our strategy to live this out is missional small groups for adults, students and children.

Leverage Culture

We will study our culture to understand how to communicate the timeless truths of Scripture. Our strategy to live this out is to become all things to all men, short of crossing the line of sin, in order to help those far from God cross the threshold of belief in Jesus.