Brand New App!

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How the church body meets has significantly changed in the last couple of months. With those changes have come the opportunity to build our own church app. From our app, you’ll be able to watch our Sunday Gatherings, watch past sermons, find our kids content, see upcoming events, read the bible, give, and so much more! This is the way to connect with our church body, so if you call Vinings Church your home download the app today and keep it your top icon! You can find it on Apple. Google Play, and Amazon app stores. This is our new “digital building”.

Download Links:

Apple App Store|Google Play Store|Amazon App Store

The app is our viewer and we will no longer cast through Facebook and Youtube due to the inability to offer important communal features of the worship gathering on those platforms.

VC Drive-In

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THIS WEEK! Add this date to your calendars for some fun and community over food! We’re providing the meal (grill master approved) so all you have to do is drive yourselves on June 19th to the building. We have Trolls: World Tour that we may end up playing. We ask that everyone park one space from the cars next to them. You can bring chairs & blankets, eat our grill out, and connect with others all while social distancing.

Focus Virtual Experience | June 15-18th | 6-8PM

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Virtual VBX is here! Join us Monday – Thursday, June 15-18! We’ve made “Take Home Kits” for your child (PreK – 5th Grade). The kits have everything your kid will need for small group, it includes crafts for you to do with your kid, and some fun surprises (because why not?!?). These kits are only available for pick up on June 12th and 13th. If you haven’t already picked your kit up, sign up today here. Your kid(s) will experience worship, fun skits, biblical teaching, small group, crafts, and outrageous fun… all racially diverse & age-appropriate teaching on how Jesus informs our love of people racially different from us! We are hosting our “Virtual Experience” through our viewing platforms (VC App, Facebook, Youtube, and

[Updated ] Our Plans Related to COVID-19

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We cannot meet in groups larger than 10 for at least 2 weeks, so let’s use this opportunity to come out more connected, be more generous, and go into action! The building is closed March 22nd & 29th, but the Church is not.

Our Direction During This Quarantine:

We will hold VC Worship Gatherings through your TV in your Living Room, Small Groups through Facebook Messenger Video Feature, Generosity to singles, families, and kids who are experiencing lay-offs, pay cuts, kids without school meals.

Let’s BE the church!

VC is upgrading everything in order to do the best ideas we’ve had as a church! Serve, Give, and a family worship experience modeled for you on our stage!

Here’s what you can do before Sunday:

  1. Our Generosity will be LOUD in times of LOSS.
    • We will give to families within VC who are struggling, first. Such as having free groceries delivered to people.
    • We will give to families outside who have lay-offs and pay-cuts and connect it to the name of Jesus.
    • If you have a stable job, we ask you to be inspired to be generous (increase your tithe) so we as a church can give generously to those who’s income has been altered.

    We have a generous God who has modeled the way. Let’s BE The Church and trust God to provide (Malachi 3:10).
    Click here to give online.

  2. Create a Home Theatre Worship Setting in your Living Room between now and Sunday!!!
    • Tell your family “We are having church on Sunday at 11am. ‘Our church’ is doing something really cool. And we need to get our devices/phone ready!”
    • On your Smart or Apple TV device, Cast the enlarged Facebook Live broadcast from your phone.
    • Have some bread and juice for the end of service (We’re taking Communion!!! Pinch some hawaiian rolls (!) and normal sized cups are fine.)
    • Grab your kids some iPads, headphones, and download the Parent Cue App, Youtube, and Right Now Media App.
    • Pop some popcorn, cinnamon rolls, or your kids favorite snack and make it fun!
    • Get ready to worship and listen to an engaging sermon together as we do an engaging Bible Story together (Sermon will be kid-friendly!)

  3. We are Pre-filming all Kids Environments and will upload a Youtube video for their phone or iPad/Tablet (Mom & Dad’s phone will do!).
    • Download the YouTube App to your kid’s device.
    • Have earbuds/headphones ready so they can sit beside and watch their own lesson, while you watch our live worship gathering.
    • Follow our “InkPad” Youtube Channel, videos will be uploaded on Saturday night for our Ink and Storyland environments.
    • If they finish before you do, we suggest having these videos ready for them to watch: click here and here.

  4. Small Group meetings will be video chat on your phone or iPad through the Facebook Live App (Preferred) or Zoom.
    • Download the Facebook Messenger App.
    • Follow your small group leaders plans to ‘friend’ all of your small group members.
    • Use the Live Video feature to begin the mens or women’s time of your small group.

Our Plans Related to COVID-19

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Watch a brief Facebook Live update from Lead Pastor Justin Craig here.

People turn to God and His church for comfort and answers in times of uncertainty. Therefore we will…

1. Pause our “This is Church” series and begin a temporary series on “Panic | What to do in the midst of Uncertainty” (See below).

2. Upgrade our live video technology (completed this week) and hold our Worship Gatherings online as well as publicly. You may find our live video on our Facebook Page HERE. All podcasts will be available in their usual locations: iTunes and

3. Our doors will be open to all who desire to be in the VC building for comfort, prayer, and viewing the sermon live.

4. Operations within our building will be very limited if you choose to come. Our building will be fully sanitized. There will be no hand shaking, hugs, or children’s ministry this week among those who attend. If you have a fever or have travelled internationally, please stay home and view the sermon live on Facebook.

5. Monday through Friday at 7am, beginning this Monday March 16th, we will hold 5 minute devotionals on Facebook Live to begin our day. We will discuss fear & anxiety in the midst of current events (Phil 4:6-7). While leveraging this forced virtual church opportunity to discuss what parts of Church must remain in our day and what parts of church must change following up our “This is Church” series.

Governor Kemp’s press conference yesterday can be found here.
He is quoted in the opening 3 minutes saying “All elderly WITH on-going medical conditions are to stay away from public gatherings, including faith based gatherings.” He is not prohibiting all citizens. Since people look to God in times like these, His church will be here for those seeking Him. As a result of Gov. Kemp’s comments, if you are over 55+ WITH medical conditions we advise you to not attend Sunday by viewing online.