21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

By January 7, 2024 News

We strive to want the things God wants for the reasons He wants them and are fasting something food-related for 21 days from January 7-28th. Each time we long for what we are giving up, we seek the Lord. Specifically we are praying “Lord, what do you want of my life this year? Help me want it for the reasons you want it.

This diet can be a whole diet change for 21 days, a category of food you are eliminating, or a single daily item/snack time you eliminate.

We invite you to our live stream and to start your day with a minimum of 5 minutes in his Word. This can be a daily devotional you have been wanting to get to or read one chapter a day through the Gospel of John. Then simply ask afterwards: “What do you want and how do I want that for the reasons you want them?”

We will hold a 20 minute live-stream Monday – Friday, 7-7:20am, January 7th-28th. You can join us live at the Church or on our Youtube page.

If you are choosing to do a Daniel Fast, you can find some helpful recipes here.