How To Access Vinings Church During Area Construction

By August 1, 2018 Events

The median construction in front of our building began this week. For ease, and to avoid a long U-turn for our Smyrna guests, please consult this map with instructions for turning into our property. If you usually come to VC from I-285 (Shaded Yellow), nothing changes about your entry and you can make the usual right hand turn into our property in one of the two yellow entrances.

If you usually come to VC from Atlanta Rd (Shaded Green), you need to make a left hand turn into the hospital entrance. This Green entrance is BEFORE you pass the VC building. Park in the corner of the lot nearest the front of the VC building (Blue). Wellstar has allowed a walkway between two trees with cobblestone pavers to walk onto our property. In doing so, you are avoiding a long U-turn back to our property that will extend to the Kroger inside the perimeter.