Kick Off Sunday Is August 2

By July 31, 2015 October 16th, 2015 News

This week is our Kick Off worship experience. If you call Vinings Church home, be at this one.

Our Fall Series’ begin the following week and this Sunday August 2nd is our jump start Sunday to discuss the one critical thing we need to do personally to lunge forward as a church in our city. You will leave moved and motivated personally.

Love Illuminated

August 9

A series on the substance of the 4 letter word from the Life of Jonah. There’s a lot swirling in our culture, so we will take a look at racism, prejudice, and judgmental attitudes that keep our friendships from going to the next level. Race, sexual orientation, differences in friendships are all on tap.

Sex – It Doesn’t Have To Be Gray

September 13

Nuff said, right? Going to be 4 weeks of “awesome.” God made sex incredible and it’s undervalued in our culture. Answers to questions about trans-gender and homosexuality will be discussed here.

Lift High | A Worship Series

October 11

Why do we fill up 25 minutes of our time together every Sunday to sing songs? When you think about it, does it really make sense to invest time in this?

We will explain why we do this together and what’s happening inside you when we have those emotional moments when singing songs, however often or rare they are for you personally.

Those moments speak to the greater thing you were designed for with the whole of your life.