Make a Year-End Gift Now!

By December 20, 2016 News

So that people far from God will find purpose in God’s Story.

At the close of 2016, we just saw nine more people give their lives to Jesus Christ! In 2016, 70+ people have been saved, 60% of our weekly attendance is in small group discipleship, and $50,000 poured into our city through outreach partners that tie their social justice to the love of Jesus Christ!

Special things are happening through Vinings Church and they are happening through you! Your gifts are launching a church that is impacting lives. It gives application to the verse: “Storing up for yourselves treasure in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy.” (Matthew 6:20)

Here’s a quick story of change:

I was in a state of fog as far as God was concerned. Just going through the motions of living. And somehow my ex-girlfriend ended up contacting me. She was happy to see my reply but informed me it was not to get back together but that she was in a relationship with Jesus. She said I didn’t seem to be on that path.

Well, that was true. I was vehemently done with church and the pressures of appearance and performance. She gave me the staff member’s email and phone number and he directed me to the men’s small group. That was last summer. Fast forward to now and I can honestly say this is where God showed me it’s all about what Christ did and my relationship with the Father and people. Relationship, not religion.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishments of 2016 were hiring Eric Lockwood (Pastor of Family Ministries), Tony Leverett (Executive Pastor), and Brody Shrader (Pastor of Worship)! Because of these hires, we our putting more energy into loving lost people and generosity initiatives and are seeing the results. Way to go, Vinings Church!

Our goals for 2017 require God’s power (Eph 3:20):

  • 125 salvations
  • Reach 70% in church discipleship
  • $55,000+ into our city

Our vision has more to unfold as we are attempting to do more for our city and those unchurched next year, not to mention upgrades we would like to make for students, nursery, and communications.

We see in scripture the church is to be used to bring about physical and spiritual change in our city. When we love God, love people, and share the good news of Jesus with others, we are used to bring about spiritual change.

When we help the victimized and serve the underprivileged, we are used to bring about physical change.  Enabling the local church to do both of these things is playing your role in the Story of God! As we begin a new year, I encourage you to consider one of the following:

  1. Doing an entire year God’s way and giving 10% gross so we aren’t distracted in our ministry focus;
  2. If you are giving 10%, consider increasing to 12-15%; or
  3. If you are able to give a one-time gift above your tithe, year-end is the time to do it!

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. We are changing our city and laying a foundation for exponential change this next year!

In Christ,

Justin Craig
Lead Pastor

Now to Him who is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work in us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20

Select the image above or click here to give online.  You may choose to give to tithing/general and/or to our Christmas Mission Offering.  The Christmas Mission Offering will be divided between the following non-profits:

  • a local church plant
  • the Multiply Group (offers training programs for those lead to plant a church)
  • the Surge Project (helps train missionaries in empowering natives for the mission)
  • Burkina Faso (the Bwamu Tribe that VC supports in Africa)
  • Abundant Life Coffee (a mission work out of Honduras that we partner with)