Did You Resolve to Get Back?

By January 24, 2017 News

We’re challenging everyone to Get Back their spiritual momentum in six different areas. Here are some suggestions for how.

1. Prayer Life

  • Journal your prayer requests and praises
  • Ask a trusted friend to be a prayer partner
  • Schedule prayer onto your calendar as a reminder

2. Bible Reading

  • Click here for a Bible reading plan to get you started over 21 days
  • Click here for longer reading plans and other options

3. Tithing

Consider automating your giving online. Click here to set that up.

4. Volunteer

5. Join a Small Group

Click here to tell us a little about yourself so that we can connect you to the best group.

6. Attending Church

  • Work on removing the obstacles that have kept you from coming.
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you spending time on things that are important?
  • Are you on board with the mission of the church?
  • Is it something else that you would like to discuss with a staff member?
  • If so, click here and tell us how we can help!