[Updated ] Our Plans Related to COVID-19

By March 21, 2020 News

We cannot meet in groups larger than 10 for at least 2 weeks, so let’s use this opportunity to come out more connected, be more generous, and go into action! The building is closed March 22nd & 29th, but the Church is not.

Our Direction During This Quarantine:

We will hold VC Worship Gatherings through your TV in your Living Room, Small Groups through Facebook Messenger Video Feature, Generosity to singles, families, and kids who are experiencing lay-offs, pay cuts, kids without school meals.

Let’s BE the church!

VC is upgrading everything in order to do the best ideas we’ve had as a church! Serve, Give, and a family worship experience modeled for you on our stage!

Here’s what you can do before Sunday:

  1. Our Generosity will be LOUD in times of LOSS.
    • We will give to families within VC who are struggling, first. Such as having free groceries delivered to people.
    • We will give to families outside who have lay-offs and pay-cuts and connect it to the name of Jesus.
    • If you have a stable job, we ask you to be inspired to be generous (increase your tithe) so we as a church can give generously to those who’s income has been altered.

    We have a generous God who has modeled the way. Let’s BE The Church and trust God to provide (Malachi 3:10).
    Click here to give online.

  2. Create a Home Theatre Worship Setting in your Living Room between now and Sunday!!!
    • Tell your family “We are having church on Sunday at 11am. ‘Our church’ is doing something really cool. And we need to get our devices/phone ready!”
    • On your Smart or Apple TV device, Cast the enlarged Facebook Live broadcast from your phone.
    • Have some bread and juice for the end of service (We’re taking Communion!!! Pinch some hawaiian rolls (!) and normal sized cups are fine.)
    • Grab your kids some iPads, headphones, and download the Parent Cue App, Youtube, and Right Now Media App.
    • Pop some popcorn, cinnamon rolls, or your kids favorite snack and make it fun!
    • Get ready to worship and listen to an engaging sermon together as we do an engaging Bible Story together (Sermon will be kid-friendly!)

  3. We are Pre-filming all Kids Environments and will upload a Youtube video for their phone or iPad/Tablet (Mom & Dad’s phone will do!).
    • Download the YouTube App to your kid’s device.
    • Have earbuds/headphones ready so they can sit beside and watch their own lesson, while you watch our live worship gathering.
    • Follow our “InkPad” Youtube Channel, videos will be uploaded on Saturday night for our Ink and Storyland environments.
    • If they finish before you do, we suggest having these videos ready for them to watch: click here and here.

  4. Small Group meetings will be video chat on your phone or iPad through the Facebook Live App (Preferred) or Zoom.
    • Download the Facebook Messenger App.
    • Follow your small group leaders plans to ‘friend’ all of your small group members.
    • Use the Live Video feature to begin the mens or women’s time of your small group.